Friday, May 11, 2012

The Evolution of My Hair

My mom recently sent me some old photos, and I couldn't help but be completely embarrassed. Luckily for you, I've decided to share my embarrassment with everyone. After posting pictures in my first blog, a lot of people have commented on my...interesting... haircuts. My hair has had some good days, but mostly bad, very bad. Well... you're welcome. I'm just going to leave it at that.

This is my newborn picture. This may be the only picture where it is actually apparent that I am Japanese. I'm also, as you can see, bald.

6 months later, and I'm still rockin' the fuzz.

How cute were my siblings?! I can't believe my sister actually has her arm around me instead of my brother. This is a first. 

Here begins The Mullet. 

I still remember sleeping in rollers. 

This is my preschool picture! For a moment, things are starting look on the upside for my hair. 

Disappointingly, The Mullet makes a come back. Even my dog, Noelle, was ready to run.

As if my frail figure didn't already point out that I looked like a boy, my mom convinced me to ditch The Mullet for this classy bowl cut.

I'm not sure how we turned out quasi-normal.

How cute; A little boy with a dress on.

This picture might confuse you. No, I didn't go back to my bald, newborn look. Here, my mother convinced me it was a good idea to go "short". News flash: short is getting a haircut to your shoulders, not receiving the same haircut as your brother.

Is it a he? Around this time, most people assumed it was a he. I learned to casually point out my earrings, which of course proved my femininity. Lets face it- gay boys have way more style than I do in this picture.

P.S.- Bubba, cool ears.

I finally started growing out my hair around middle school. It only makes sense to have braids.

8th or 9th grade: Blonde streaks in the front aren't cute, but at least I haven't reverted back to the mullet.

11th grade: Cut all of my hair off, again, and died it dark brown. This is my brother's favorite version of my hair. I think that I was borderline emo, so I have different feelings. At least I got rid of the blonde front section.

Why I decided to go shorter, I have no idea. This is my sister's favorite version of my hair.

That's probably the closest I've ever been to my natural color, also.

12th grade: Oh yeah, sure... I'll grow it out again. Why not?!

 Au Natural for my senior pics.

Freshman-Junior years in college.

This is my 21st birthday bash. Yes, my grandparents came. I was attempting to grow out my hair, so this is the awkward stage.

Gymnastics hair. French braids, high ponies, and messy buns. My favorite.

I went blonde for my senior year of college and haven't looked back. Blondes definitely have more fun!  

I'm rocking the bangs for now, but who know's where I'll be next year?!

Let me know which "do" is your favorite!


  1. It's a toss up between the roller hair and the mullet pic with Noelle. Both are FANTASTIC. I think you should cut it now to relive the glory days.

    PS Good thing your brother grew into his teeth or else I may not be your SIL.

  2. PPS I wish Lynsey still had those glasses.

  3. I love all of your adventures of hair :) but blonde is my fav! Your hair is gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness...this was so much fun to read! Let me just say the middle school braid look was KILLER! You might pray about bringing that one back. You look beautiful always, but I LOVE the blonde!