Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slacker, Much?

My last blog post was a month and a half ago. I have no reasonable excuses.

Here's the last month and a half in a nutshell:

My Mama Katie planned a girls day! Erin, Aunt Kiki, Mama Katie, and I spent the day with breakfast, mani/pedis, pool time, and dinner.

I've been attending Max's MLL games with the Ohio Machine. I'm always a proud wife, but I feel especially proud watching him do what he loves most.

Proud wifey.

From left to right: Brandon (Max's brother), Mama Katie, Erin (Brandon's wife), Max, me, and Pops.
So in love with my Schmidt family! 

Our close friends came to! Nicole and Dom help us make up the "D.A.M.N." group. We think it's clever.

I was fan of the game two times in a row! Here, I'm caught braiding my hair. I'm not exactly sure what the requirements are for "Fan of the Game", but obviously they don't have very high standards. Nonetheless, I'll take it.

My dad came to visit!!!

Our townhouse was remodeled!

No, that's not brick. That's brickesque WALLPAPER. Praise Jesus that it's gone.

New microwave, oven, floors, and cabinets! We also have a new stone backsplash that isn't in this picture.

Welcome to the 21st century. Goodbye carpet. That's also a new deck back there!

This bumper sticker made me laugh.

I've played with Maya... a lot.

I've also been to Max's 5 year high school reunion, spent 5 days with my BFF, Kim Shipper, when she came to visit from Texas, and I've watched almost all five seasons of Friday Night Lights with Max.

Theres less than a month left of my summer in Upper Arlington, and there are a few things left that I want to accomplish:
1) Get Kesley and Ally to come visit me from the University of Maryland! COME VISIT ME. I can get bossier if I have to. :)
2) Go to Boston to watch Max's game in August and go to Houston to visit my nieces one last time before I head to Canada.
3) Spend more time with my nieces in Columbus.
4) Celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my husband!
5) Pray more over my family's future. In general, spend more time in prayer!
6) Finish season 2 of Downton Abbey.
7) Have my wedding band finished. It's been almost a year and I still haven't taken it in! Oopsies.
8) Read 3 more books. Any suggestions?
9) Drink more water and less coffee. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?
10) Blog regularly! 

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