Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Curitiba Ends...

The past couple of weeks have been incredible. I was a little sad to enter in to the holiday season, but even though this year involves less family, we have had a surprisingly wonderful time on tour. I have to remind myself that this era in our lives is temporary. One day, we will be back in the States spending the holidays with our family, but our current season has us with our new family at Corteo. It's not always easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I know I already posted about Thanksgiving, but I left out some great pictures that I just found on the computer!

Alix and I dressed up for Thanksgiving

Thankful for this bearded man

Dinner and the turkey! Thanks Charlotte!

It appears that people have adjusted quite easily to hotel living! Max
and I's salad was cut with a Leatherman and everyone else made 
these beautiful casseroles.

Dessert! Reeses are hard to come by in this country, so they were the first to go.

Thanksgiving dinner! 

This is how everyone felt after Thanksgiving dinner.

Since everyone is already fixated on Christmas, it's time to move on from Thanksgiving. I don't have a lot of free time to explore, but Max and I spent some time with some friends Sunday morning before the last two shows in Curitiba. Our friends, Neu and Suellen, are Brazilian, and we were lucky enough to have them show us around for a bit! In the morning, we all went to the market. I had to head into work that afternoon, but Max stayed with them to see more of Curitiba's tourist sites.

Vintage car show held weekly at the market

Baby blue on baby blue- this ones for you, sis.

The market is in an older part of town so the buildings are old and colorful! 

 Christmas carols in Portuguese!

Neu and Suellen heard that Max's family owns a German restaurant, so they took us to a popular German restaurant and pub. I'm so glad they took us! There is a large German population in Curitiba, so the restaurant is quite large and the decorations were on point. German flags hung from the ceilings, the tables and chairs were wooden, and German family crests lined the walls. They even had art to stick your head through like at Schmidt's! I'm sure there is a noun that I could replace "art to stick your head through", but I don't know it. 

 Another beautiful church at the market

 So many people!

 The Drooling Horse

 Max's photo from the Opera House

 Tangui Park

 Tangui Park + Max

 When I saw this picture, I really wished
I didn't miss this while I was at work!

 Our friends, Neu and Suellen

 Fresh agua do coco!

 Max and Neu

Curitiba from the Tower lookout!

Everything ended well in Curitiba. We really enjoyed the city. It was cleaner, less dangerous, and more lively than Belo Horizonte, and we had more time to figure out how to get around in Brazil. We had a day off in Curitiba on Monday to pack, and we arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday. I will have to put up another blog pretty quickly because I already have so much to share about Rio!

We miss and love you all!

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