Thursday, November 1, 2012

Final Week in a Glance

We had final presentations this week, so I thought I'd share some pictures from the week!

Dima and his pet monkey.

Nikita, Ken, Barbie, and Dima 

Pre-show: Mafia, squirrel, Ken, Barbie, nerd, and monkey. No, this was not for Halloween; and yes, I was getting paid.

Sexy Ken. Ken may or may not be a lesbian version.

Sexy girl (or boy?), Russian grandmother, and Russian grandpa

The sexy couple

Post performance with these hotties

Michoue and Massimo! 

Mom and dad post-show!

Cute little squirrels- Dasha and Elena

Day 2: Barbie and Ken

 Day 2: Ken, nerd, monkey, and Barbie

We're really serious while being instructed.

Gonna miss these (giant) guys!!!!

Ma and Pa on day 2!

Massimo and Michoue again

Medusa + water. 

Hopefully there will be video footage and a better explanation to come!

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