Monday, August 20, 2012


Today marks the fifteenth day that I've been in Montreal, which also means it's the first day of Week 3! I'm already getting sad about leaving, and I have 2 1/2 months left! I think I might have a serious problem. I mourn goodbyes before they happen every time. When I go visit my family in Texas, I usually cry the first night I'm there because I know I have to leave. Max thinks I'm crazy.

I might be. A little.

In fact, I got sad today thinking about saying goodbye to Max when he visits... in two weeks. Oh my gosh, I just reread that. I am crazy.

I think I should move on before I reveal more embarrassing personal information. The first weekend that I was here, I went into the city with some of the other artists here for general formation. There was a some kind of art festival happening on a a main street called Saint Catherine on Saturday. There are multiple art museums in Montreal, but this festival was special because there was street art on every corner! Graffiti covered most buildings and there were artists everywhere.

It was amazing! And legal. I dig it.

LA and I becoming one with the art.

Aleksey, me, Petunia, and Nikita. I like to refer to them as the Russian Mafia. They like it.

LA, me, and Elena! 

Because our first week of work was mostly meetings, it was exciting to get away from HQ and venture through the city. On Sunday, Juan, LA, and I went back to the city and visited the port and chinatown. The architecture of the buildings sent me into tourist-mode and the view of the water didn't help. Good thing my hubs bought me my handy camera for our anniversary!

Champ de Mars


Raaaawwwrrr. Juan made fun of me for posing on this one. I deserved it.

Vieux Port!

Surrounding the port, there was a teenage guy singing live with a crowd of fifty people. Alleys included restaurants, artists displaying their art, trinket shops, and cobblestone roads. There was also fresh fruit, italian ice cream, and a mime. It took me right back to Italy!

After a weekend filled with metro buses, trains, walking, and friends, it was nice to get a good rest before my first day of training on Monday. Bateau training on Monday was incredible! It's the first time in my life that I've had to rely on a partner, so it's been hard transitioning from selfish decisions. As a gymnast, I also have a hard time being imperfect. After doing gymnastics for 17 years, it's hard not to be perfect immediately. It's also hard to retrain my body into new habits that completely defy rules I have been following since I started gymnastics. For example, there are certain times when I am supposed to flex my feet or change the angles in my shoulders. As a gymnast, I trained myself to avoid flexing my feet and closing my shoulders before I was 8. Today, I had to remind myself that this is my sixth day training! Mistakes are often, and they are good. Mistakes enable me to learn. Unfortunately, my partner usually gets the beating when I make mistakes. He's been kicked in the face, sat on, and stood on. I feel so bad!

Besides acrobatic training, I've also spent time in acting, voice, dance, percussion, and artistic classes. I also do physical therapy for my shoulders daily and we just started pilates this morning! Our schedules are physically demanding, but the joy of the job enables momentary pain to dissipate. The bruises of last week are starting to diminish, but new ones are found every day. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

After a long week of training, the crew took a trip to Quebec City on Sunday to see Amaluna. Amaluna is the newest Cirque Du Soleil show, and it is also the show that LA has been training for. She's hoping for a contract like the rest of us! It was a three hour bus ride, but the city and the show were worth it.

Dema, Petunia, Jonas, LA, Dema, Elena, Vitaliic, and Aleksey.

This is us just being creepy. It was a long ride...

but a beautiful city!

The Big Top

Cirque Fam

The train station

We were sitting across from the train station on the patio of a restaurant in 70 degree (Fahrenheit) weather, sipping sangria and munching on fries. It was quite the day! I only had one glass, so I think the day might have been more fun for Jonas and LA.

I obviously had to get a picture close to the Japanese flag.

LA and I before the show!

A little bit of God's painting as we were leaving the show.

The show was, obviously, inspiring and insightful. Now that I have been on the other side of Cirque Du Soleil, I watched this show with a different eye. The costumes were incredible and the talent unique. There is an acrobat who sings live during her performance! She was incredible. Watching the show gave me even more determination and motivation as a new week began. I am so blessed to be where I am, and I still wake up every morning thanking God for this opportunity. 

And I'll say it again: Don't count the moments; make the moments count.

Week 3, here we go.

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