Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Grass Is Always Greener.

Everything is going fab here in Montreal, but I must say there are some things that I miss. Remember that I said "things", and don't get your panties in a wad since I won't mention how much I miss you.

I miss...

Fried ice cream from Cucos in Columbus. Actually, I miss junk food in general! What I eat is part of my job, but I can only eat so much protein and vegetables before I want some ice cream. Fried. From Cucos.

My dog. I miss my dog.

SNUGGLING! Most people know that I love to snuggle. My two favorite people to snuggle are my husband and Kesley Cofsky. Unfortunately, they're not here.

SIDE NOTE: TODAY IS KESLEY'S 21ST BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday my love. It's going to be a *great* year.

My end of the year August glow. My tanning months were cut short, and I'm getting more yellow by the day. Gotta love being asian.

My bed. There's NOTHING like your own bed. Especially since I get to sleep in it with my husband and my dog! Well, Maya only gets to sleep on the bed for special occasions (my birthday, the last night I spent in Columbus, when I beg him enough...).

My cooking utensils! I have no oven or crock pot. Am I sounding like a princess yet?

American grocery stores and American grocery store prices! I saw laundry detergent at $20 for the small bottle. There is something terribly wrong with that.

American taxes! Yep, we have it easy in the States. Remember that next time you see your pay stub.

There is something special about home. When I got married, my roots were shallow in Upper Arlington. As I got closer to my Schmidt family and the UA community, my roots began to spread farther and deeper. I am so blessed to call my home base Columbus, and I am so thankful that I'll forever have the memories of this past year. I don't know where the next few years will take us, but my heart will always feel at home in Columbus.

Before I close, here's an update on my .05 cent grocery bag crisis. My best friend's mother, and my second mother, sent me two reusable bags along with many other goodies. How thoughtful and practical! I have to give a special shout out to Mama Shipper because she's been loving on me since I was 12. She never failed to cook me dinner during high school or send me mail during my college days. She always remembers me, and it makes me feel so special. Thanks Mama Ship! I hope I'm half the mom that you've been to me.

Thinking of all the things I'm grateful for tonight. Whether it's Houston, Columbus, College Park, or Montreal, there are chunks of my heart that belong in each city.

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  1. Wait, what about me? You don't miss me? My panties are in a wad.