Monday, July 21, 2014


The past couple of weeks in Buenos Aires have been a blast. I know I have to say goodbye soon, so every moment feels soaked in joy, filled with care and appreciation. I wish that time could stop, if only for a few minutes, so I could breathe it all in and remember the sights and smells and gratitude I have for this past year, for Corteo.

Where I've Been the Past Few Weeks:
(because lists are easier)

1) At work!

 I blog a lot about our travels, but sometimes I forget to mention that I perform daily, sometimes twice daily. We usually have 8-9 shows a week, so most of my time is spent at the big top. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Friends between shows in the kitchen <3

Gabi and Abbey! Gonna miss this guy a whole bunch!

Gabi and Alix went into paradis as jumpers this city! Welcome to the best act in Corteo ;)

Novatos Trio <3

Almost there!

2) The Argentinian Experience.

Tonight I went to The Argentinian Experience with some co-workers and had a blast dining with traditional Argentinian food: wine, empanadas, steak, matte, and alfajores. The staff was great and entertained us with Argentinian cultural facts throughout the dinner!

That's hot sauce y'all, not ketchup. Can't forget soy de Tejas!

^^ I made that!

3) Flies.

Max was also here for almost two weeks. Alain, our French Canadian singer on Corteo taught Max how to tie flies! We were joking that we will always remember that Max learned how to tie flies from a Canadian singer in the middle of Buenos Aires. What are the odds? I surprised him with a trip to his friends lodge near Yosemite coming up, so he's officially ready to tackle the fish at Henry's Fork now. Thanks, Alain!

 4) The World Cup!

 Argentina made it to the finals (if you didn't know that then you need to get out of your cave), and we were supposed to have a show the Sunday of the game. We were all a little worried that absolutely no one was going to come to the show, and when we showed up to work on Saturday, we realized the show was cancelled! We have an extra show this upcoming week, so we will have ten shows this week, but it was well worth it.

Staff put signs up all over site to let everyone know that we didn't have work on game day. I don't know who had the idea, but it was brilliant and fun.

Max was in town, so we went to a cast mate's apartment to watch the game. We watched the first half at his part with friends, and then we headed next door to Inna and Roberto's to watch the remainder of the game. We are obsessed with their almost-two-year-old, Sofia, so we spent most of the game playing with her!

5) La Boca, El Caminito.

Max and I went with friends, Hayley and Matt, to El Caminito on a beautiful, sunny winter day here in Buenos Aires. El Caminito is a street museum and tourist area, famous for inspiring the music for a famous tango. We mostly went to see the bright colors and enjoy our day off. I got a new leather cross body because Argentina is famous for leather (and do I really need a reason for a new bag?), and we also got a few paintings from some local vendors. I'm excited to finally have a home to display our multi-national art!

Well, that's about it! Time to enjoy these next two weeks before I say "Ciao" to Corteo! Don't count the moments; make the moments count!

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