Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Has Begun!

New Years

It's tradition in Rio to wear white for New Years as a representation of a clean slate for the New Year. Max and I put on our white, and we had a great time celebrating the New Year with our friends on Corteo. The hotel has a room that we use as a common room, so we spent some time there before hotel room hopping to spend time with friends. Just before midnight, we headed down to the beach for the New Year. We watched fireworks, toasted to the New Year, and, as is another tradition, we jumped seven waves! 

Hanging in the lounge!

Ringing in the New Year on the beach! 

Since when did Max turn 50? I was expecting cigars, beards, and beer at
a much later date.

Olga, me, Alix, and MC

Wearing all white on a beach was a lot different than last year's celebration spent with Erin, Brandon, and our nieces! Last year, we spent the night on their couch, woke up and had waffles, and made tents in the living room with the girls. We missed it so much this year and we can't wait to get back to have a slumber party with the girls! Our nephew will be there by then, too!

Cliff Diving in Leme

Max and I made a bucket list for Rio, which I was supposed to have already posted, and on that list was cliff diving in Leme! In one of the Lonely Planet books that was gifted to us, we read about a place in Rio where the locals often cliff dive. We just happened to be in the area a couple weeks ago, and Max talked me in to checking it out. We walked to the spot, and my crazy husband talked me into checking it off the list!

Leme/Copacabana beaches from the cliff at Leme!

One of the local kids going for the dive!

Max sizing up the drop

Max's jump!

The rope climb back up

The locals talking me into the jump!

Going for it!

Climbing up!

Sunset at Arpoador

Also on our bucket list for Rio was visiting Arpoador at sunset. Arpoador is a point where a large rock sticks out between Copacabana and Ipanema. Supposedly the best sunsets are at Arpoador, so we made the trip out after cliff jumping! Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy and we didn't get the best view. Fortunately, we are here for several more weeks, so we can see it again!

Botanical Gardens

Last week, Max and I ventured into the Botanical Gardens. Also on our bucket list was climbing a tree in the Botanical Gardens. We checked that off the list! Unfortunately, I don't think Max and I are Botanical Garden type of people. Before we went, we had heard from so many people that it's beautiful and easy to spend hours there. It is definitely beautiful, but we decided there's only so much time we can spend looking at plants before we get really bored and need to get out of there. The nature was pretty and we got some great pictures, but I can't say we were super enthusiastic looking at plant after plant.

Japanese lily pads

Max standing by a giant tree. It makes me laugh when he stands
by things that make him look tiny!

Jaca, or JackFruit, the world's largest edible fruit! The grow up to
3 feet and hang from huge trees!

checked off the bucket list!

me too!

Elephant ears! :)

Christ the Redeemer is visible through the trees!

Another tree making Max look tiny

I'm glad we went because it was beautiful, but it wasn't the most exciting day that we've had in Rio!

Pedra Bonita

One day while I was at work, Max sent me a text message that said he had just hiked a mountain, and then he sent me some pictures of some of the most amazing views I've seen of Rio. Apparently, Max and Derek, Alix's boyfriend, had this great idea to walk from the hotel to a nearby mountain... and hike it. It took them 4.5 hours to walk to the top, but they did it! I'm a little jealous that I couldn't come, but if he would have made me hike for 4.5 hours, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to move for the next several days.

The boys hiked the mountain that's on the right;
The left mountain is the mountain from the view in our hotel

The walk up!

The view on the way up

The hang gliding take off location! This is also on our bucket list,
so I'm sure we will be back soon!

Someone just after takeoff

The top!

Looking north! The beach on the right is our beach, Sao Conrado

Looking south toward Barra! Barra beach on the left and the Tijuca rainforest on the right

A view of the mountain behind our hotel from Pedra Bonita. Max will probably
hike this next!

Wifey thinks that's a little too close to the ledge...

We've checked a lot of things off of our bucket list the past couple of weeks, but we have so many to go! We are excited to keep exploring together. We know these memories will last a lifetime! Also, Max's dad has booked his flight to come visit, so we are preparing for his arrival in February. We can't wait to have our first visitor on tour!!!!

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